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Dale Williams aka Detail Dale is a successful barber and barbershop owner who began cutting hair at the age of 15 in his mothers basement. Dale later went on to barber school in 1987 and graduated at the top of his class in 1988. After Dale graduated from Barber school he went on to work in various Barbershops and Salons learning from top barbers and stylist before opening his first barbershop in 1991 and eventually owning for barbershops. Over the course of 25 years he’s trained and mentored many barbers and cosmetologist. He’s worked on famous athletes and celebrities and even had his name on movie credits. In 2018 he entered his very first haircutting competition at the Salon Centric Premier Beauty Classic and took first place.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I Just recently I participated in the 2018 Salon Centric Premier Beauty Classic - Andis Sponsored Best Freestyle Haircut Competition and came in First Place. This was a proud achievement for me because I’ve never competed in any competition before.

Who inspires you in the industry and why?

Fernie Andong, John Mosley, Sam Villa and Alan Beak. All of these guys inspire me because I see similarities in cutting styles.

What is your favourite food?

Seafood and Vegetables

Inspirational Quote

Be humble with your creativity and gracious with your success.


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