Matakki Product Guarantee


All Matakki Premium Scissors (4 stars) and Elite Scissors (5 stars) have a life time guarantee on parts and materials, This excludes damage cuased by the user, inclding but not limited to exposure to non approved cleaning agents, servicing with a non approved/authorised third party and any misuse of the product. Your Matakki lifetime guarantee does not include lifetime sharpening and only covers material and workmanship defects if they arise. Matakki Pro Collection Scissors (3 stars) are not included within the lifetime guarantee but do all come with a 12 month guarantee against material defects. The warranty lasts for the lifetime of the scissor; however, all scissors are registered at the time of purchase and warranty coverage ends when the product is sold or transferred to another party or becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material. Matakki will offer a replacement or credit only.


Matakki Premium and Elite Collection scissors and thinning scissors have an accidental drop warranty which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. If the scissor is dropped within the first year of ownership then we will repair the scissors damage for free. If the scissor is damaged beyond repair this will not be covered, for example if it snapped or bent behond repair from a severe drop. Failures due to misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear are therefore not covered by this warranty. All Matakki scissors are subject to stringent quality control checks prior to its dispatch and this information is documented by videography and electronic methods. No other warranty applies, all Matakki warranties are the sole and exclusive warranty for Matakki scissors therefore no employee, agent, dealer, or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Matakki scissors.

All other technical work where a drop warranty card is not presented will be charged at the current rate shown on our website Drop warranties are not honoured without presentation of the card if it is not shown we will not provide a free service as per the Terms & Conditions of our website. In the event that you have a problem with your Matakki scissor/product due to a defect in materials or poor workmanship, we will attempt to remedy the problem in accordance with our warranty policy in a timely manner.


Matakki products may experience normal wear and tear and require regular service to maintain their performance in addition to daily maintenance and care by the user. While normal wear & tear is not considered a "defect" and is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty. It is our goal to assist in returning your scissor back to its original condition a soon as possible and technical service work can be purchased here.

All too often the main cause of a scissors inability to perform is due to user error having the scissor incorrectly tensioned which causes the scissor to fold the hair or slip in use. Our dedicated customer care team can provide support regarding the tension and maintenance of your scissor in such instances and provide an advice sheet for future care. You can call us on +44 (0)1482 219000 and one of our friendly scissor experts will guide you through the tensioning procedure.


It is our experience that a product that fails prematurely due to a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship will be identified at the point of our quality control checks. When products are returned to us they are subject to a technical inspection and should be found to be in 'like new condition' and show very little signs of use. It is uncommon for a Matakki scissor that was manufactured with a defect to survive under normal use for any extended period of time. Products that are returned for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous reliable service are rarely found to be defective and are commonly in need of a routine service to maintain the blade edges, or have been exposed to non approved cleaning agents and or subject to misuse. The maintenance guide icluded should be followed to avoid such issues. The most common demand for service is the result of normal wear and tear issues, which are not considered to be a defect in materials or workmanship. We advise that you service your hairdressing and barber scissors between every 700 and 900 hair cuts through aMatakki approved service agent only, this will ensure your scissors are kept in thier prime condition. 


If we need to replace a faulty Matakki electrical item within your first year of purchase,this does not reset your guarantee period. The 12 month guarantee will cover your item from the original purchase date and not from the date of a replacement item. For example, if a hair styler should develop a fault after 6 months of use, the new hair styler will be covered for the remaining 6 months of your 1-year guarantee.




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