Picture of The Dragon Set

The Dragon Set

Super smooth, amazingly sharp, superbly balanced when cutting and completed with a black gem tension screw for brisk and simple tension alteration.
£390.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Kato

The Kato

Designed specifically for the barber in mind, the Kato barber scissor is a true work horse! Speed cutting is where this model excels while scissor over-comb work is a breeze creating clean straight lines!
£215.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The ultimate haircutting scissor suitable for experienced hair stylists using advanced hair cutting techniques. The Matakki Phoenix is hand crafted in Japan using laminated Damascus ATS-314 steel, making this model the ultimate in scissor you need to own.
£720.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Arrow

The Arrow

CLEARANCE MODEL with a MASSIVE 40% discount to make way for the new 4 star Arrow with improved steel, grab them while stocks last!
£135.00 (GBP) £75.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Arrow - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

The Arrow - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

One of our best-selling models has had a face-lift! The MATAKKI Arrow 4 star has ergonomic handles for supreme comfort and is perfectly balanced for precise cutting. Crafted from the finest Japanese 440C steel with fully convex blades ensures smooth, accurate and powerful cutting.
£185.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Arrow Set - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

The Arrow Set - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

One of our best-selling models has had a face-lift! Ergonomic handles for supreme comfort and perfect balance combined with the 440C fully convex blades ensure smooth, accurate and powerful cutting. Great value set that saves you 25%
£370.00 (GBP) £295.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Dragon

The Dragon

Hand created using Aichi 440C steel from Japan, the Matakki Dragon hair cutting scissors are stylishly created with a hand cut mythical dragon engraved into the handle making these scissors absolutely one of a kind!
£275.00 (GBP) £245.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Kinju

The Kinju

The Kinju is hand crafted in Japan from Takefu VG-10 steel, seen as one of the best steels in the world! Beautiful sculpted handles for unparalleled comfort and finished with fully convexed edges for a delicate and precise cut.
£345.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Barber

The Barber

Relaunch!! Back by popular demand the Barber is now hand crafted from an improved quality Japanese Hitachi steel. It’s ergonomic design and super sharp convex blades make cutting an absolute breeze.
£285.00 (GBP) £245.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Barber Collection

The Barber Collection

A must have for any professional barber, grab the complete Barber set including the Barber 65, the Barber 70 scissor and the Barber 60! This collection is the ultimate set of tools for any barber.
£735.00 (GBP) £495.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Barber Set

The Barber Set

If you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your barbering toolkit, look no further. We’ve relaunched the popular Barber scissor and thinner with improved quality steel, making those convex edges even sharper!
£490.00 (GBP) £395.00 (GBP)
Picture of The Piraiba

The Piraiba

Introducing the first ever Matakki double sided thinning scissor. Hand crafted from Japanese Aichi 440C steel. Take your thinner game up a level with the Matakki Piraiba! Remove bulk and add texture in no time with this incredible new thinner.
£185.00 (GBP)