30 March 2020


Covid 19 (Corona Virus) has affected everybody and our industry as a whole so during these unprecedented times we have decided to close our main headquarters and are currently closed to visitors.


We are running on a limited workforce within our warehouse with most office staff now working from home. We are following government guidelines to ensure our online website remains open for now so please be rest assured that our delivery service and phone lines are open as usual.

We  want to assure you that Matakki  have not experienced any cases of the virus amongst our workforce and have implemented strict procedures and policies to keep our limited staff members and our valued customers safe during this time.

Matakki are in a unique position of having an Operations Director with twenty years’ experience as a registered clinical nurse specialist and much of this time was spent working with infectious diseases within the NHS.  Our Operations Director is continuing to personally oversee our procedures in the prevention of cross infection by utilising current researched evidence. Matakki are maintaining standards including regular hand washing,  sanitisation procedures and social distancing on site to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.


Whilst our scissor technicians are not working in the building at this time to protect their health, our Founding Director and a Master Technician (James Curd) who has trained in Japan, has stepped up to ensure that service work is not delayed and can be undertaken for those who require this service.

We will continue to monitor our workforce for any symptoms and will take appropriate action as per government guidance should that present. As always, our staff and customers safety is our priority in all that we do and  we wish you good health.

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24/04/2020 14:01
Returned scissors

I posted my scissors at the end of March for maintenance, but i have not heard anything since. Can you get back to me on this.

My name is Diane McMahon.
Email: deeanne21@hotmail.com

11/06/2020 17:38
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19/07/2020 15:09

Hey I was just wondering if you know when your online shopping and delivery service will be up and running again?