Matakki are proud to welcome Sam Arthur Srsb to the team of our Ambassadors! Sam will be representing Matakki scissors for Northern Ireland with his very unique style of MOD hair cuts.
New update for the awards 2016
ere at Matakki scissors, not only do we LOVE selling beautiful hand-crafted scissors but we also LOVE giving them away too.
Correct tension of your scissors will ensure you get the best use out of your scissors. If the tension is too loose it will cause your scissors to fold and bend the hair and if it’s too tight it will cause premature wear of the blade edges and user fatigue.
The new Matakki MT05c carbon cutting come is selling fast!
Need to buy your Matakki scissors but can't afford to pay in 1 lump sum? Matakki FlexiPay might be the answer for you.
Matakki scissors are proud to announce they have been nominated and shortlisted from over 1000 UK businesses for the prestigious National Business Awards 2016