Matakki Spain Ambassador Team Grows!

23 September 2019

Director and stylist Teacher in Nefer Centre (a private centre approved by the Ministry of Education). Oliver has collaborated as a trainer with some of the most famous brands in the world such as American Crew and Proraso. Member of Barberos 3.0, a team of only five artistic trainers in all of Spain. Studied men’s hairdressing at Dambell, Murcia from 2000-2001. Nominated for the Best Men’s Collection at the TCT Awards 2018 (International Hairdressing Awards). Barber’s of the Month in Peluquería, a specialist hairdressing magazine, November 2018. Salvador Oliver currently runs the business as well as imparting classes at Nefer Center, Murcia, a private centre approved by the Ministry of Education. He runs training courses all over Spain and has been employed by various prestigious hairdressing brands.

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