10 July 2019

Matakki are looking for a part time dispatch administrator to work in our busy warehouse based in Hull. Applicants must have some experience in an office environment and must be able to use Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel.

Applications by email only to

Hours 10am – 2pm

Monday – Friday

Pay £8.21 per hour

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28/08/2019 21:15
Working at the London hair expo Oct19

Subject: Working at the expo
Hey I'm enquring about the expo. I'm everything you need for the day and the biggest matakki dan ever, just but the skull and cross shears woo. I'm a qualified barber of an evening and my full time job is a Scientist for a massive homecare corp Unilever. I'm just outside Liverpool and would need cheap digs for 1 to 3 days. I'd take a hol just to do this so give me a hollar. I can talk hopefully.. looking forward to a yay or a neigh.

Love Suzie x

28/08/2019 21:18

Ps excuse the typos omg, not dan, Fan* and not but, I meant bought* the shears. Ffs forgive my sloppy soul, all this cutting made me type funny! X