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The Horusuta - White Cowhide Scissor Holster



Grade A Soft Milled White Cowhide
Premium Metal Poppers
6 Sections
Belt Can Be Adjusted From 30 "To 55"
Size Of Holster - 8.5 "x 4.5"

Protect your hairdressing scissors and shears with this beautiful hand crafted Matakki scissor holster. Produced using grade A soft soft cowhide for that luxury high quality, super soft finish. The Horusuta (Japanese for Holster) is designed to be worn around the waist and can hold up to 8 scissors securely with an extra storage pocket for clips, combs and extra items. Quick release poppers at the bottom allow you to quickly clean and remove trapped hair with ease. Available in black and brown too.

Please note: Scissors and accessories in the picture are for demonstration purposes and are not included with the purchase of a Horusuta.

Lifetime Warranty

Matakki Scissors come with a lifetime warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects during this time. If it's faulty then Matakki will repair or replace free of charge.

Hand Made

Every Matakki scissor is hand made and forged from the finest Japanese steel. We use technology that dates back over 100 years.