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How does it work?

First choose your Matakki scissors, then call our dedicated sales team to arrange your personal FlexiPay payment plan. This is subject to internal checks from an application form submission. If your application is successful we will ask you to pay an initial 40% of your total order as a deposit. The balance is divided into 6 equal weekly payments taken every Friday. PLEASE NOTE YOUR REFERENCE MUST BE EITHER YOUR CURRENT MANAGER OR ACCOUNTANT IF SELF EMPLOYED. 

This facility CANNOT be used against sale items or Limited addition Products

Call us now 01482 219000. Calls from outside the UK +44 (0)1482 219000 

Example 1

The Assassin

Purchase price £525.00

Deposit £210.00

6 weekly payments of £52.50

Example 2

The Dragon

Purchase price £245.00

Deposit £98.00

6 weekly payments of £24.50

Example 3

The Reaper

Purchase price £245.00

Deposit £98.00

6 weekly payments of £24.50