The Kuma Trio Set

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  • Elite ATS-314 Premium Molybdenum-Alloy Blend
  • Offset Handle
  • Premium Rubber Stopper
  • Fixed Finger Rest
  • Premium Tension Screw - Key Adjustable
  • Rockwell Hardness 61
  • 12 Month Accidental Drop Warranty Included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 7.0"-70g


The Kuma 7" is a real barbers dream leaving the toughest of hair dead on the floor. The ultra-fine convex and finely honed blade edges makes the Matakki Kuma barber scissor an absolute dream to work with. Designed with a longer body and slightly thicker blades to provide powerful cutting.

The Akechi 6" is a texturising chunking scissor that creates dramatic effects, chunk, chop and chip your way to a finished masterpiece that's unique. Hand made with premium high-carbon Japanese ATS 314 forged steel, the Akechi is designed to take out approximately 45/55% of the hair. Exclusive Matakki designed teeth that have micro serrations to provide stability and control throughout the cut. 

The Barber 60 6" thinning scissors are hand produced from Japanese High Carbon Steel, making the edges super sharp, perfect for thinning and blending hair effortlessly. Quicky and easily remove weight without adding and texture and also blend your sections seamlessly.

What's Included?

Included with every purchase, Matakki razor, carbon cutting comb, scissor oil, tension key, polishing cloth, maintenance guide and luxury scissor presentation case.

Lifetime Warranty

Matakki Scissors come with a lifetime warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects during this time. If it's faulty then Matakki will repair or replace free of charge.

Hand Made

Every Matakki scissor is hand made and forged from the finest Japanese steel. We use technology that dates back over 100 years.