Matakki Suraisu Straight Razor



  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • High-Quality Finish
  • Straight Handle - (freedom of movement)
  • Japanese straight Blades


The Matakki Suraisu is our new professional precision instrument made for shaving, hairdressing, barbering, skin fades and hair tattoo design work. Manufactured with a soft touch rubberised straight handle and perfectly balanced for maximum control. Designed with a unique spring loaded system that ensures super quick and safe insertion and removal of blades, no more cut fingers. 

The Suraisu takes the Matakki MTR10 razor blades that are specially designed for our razor.

Size: 160mm x 16mm

**Comes complete with 1 pack of 10 Japanese straight blades**


Lifetime Warranty

Matakki Scissors come with a lifetime warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects during this time. If it's faulty then Matakki will repair or replace free of charge.

Hand Made

Every Matakki scissor is hand made and forged from the finest Japanese steel. We use technology that dates back over 100 years.