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Darryn Pitman Master Ambassador Wales

/darryn pitman


I am an International award winning educator that prides himself in creating hairstyles and imagery of the highest standard. I enjoy not only working the shop floor in my native South Wales but delivering workshops, seminars and stage shows worldwide!! I'm known for my speed and flare with my scissor work and am known as "The Showman"

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What is your proudest achievement to date?

Winning Hj International barber of the year 2013 and winning 6 first place awards in the Welsh hairdressing championships in both 2015 & 2016!

Who inspires you in the industry and why?

Every single barber and hairdresser out there! Peoples work that I especially admire would be the boys at Ruger, Josh Lamonica and Danny Robinson. Those are just three names of many that I could list!

What is your favourite food?


Inspirational Quote

"Ones that I have always gone by and will continue to go by are"

* Dream... Believe... Achieve
* Always follow your dreams
* Never lose hope
* Just keep doing what you do


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