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My name is Ryan Lewis and I fell into barbering through sheer luck at 14 years old after a friend of my Dads offered me a Saturday job sweeping floors for a little extra cash. Sweeping floors lasted all of about 3 weeks as I found myself watching Davy cut hair while not aware that I was learning, I just found it fascinating. That’s when I realised there is an art to this game, it’s not just about shaving heads and shortening hair!

Davy quickly took me under his wing with the help of a couple other lads in the shop and not long after I was building up a client base. The banter and the edge of competition within that shop was amazing, I knew this was the career for me. 

Since leaving Davy and Headkase barbers in Blyth, I've worked all over the North East, Liverpool and have now settled in the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire. I've learned something new everywhere I've worked and put it all together to develop my own style which I'm continuously working on developing to this day. 

What is your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest moment in barbering so far has to be working on stage with Matakki scissors at Salon InternationalPro Hair Live and also at Barber Connect. I have worked on the Matakki main stage next to Paul Mac which is something to be proud of in itself!

What's your favourite scissor?

I have the 6" Matakki Aku scissor, they are my old faithful, my babies! I use them most of the time, sturdy, relatively light weight and the perfect offset for comfort! I also use a 6.5" Matakki Excalibur more recently, it's just a gorgeous scissors with slightly bigger blades than I'm used to but they just glide through even the thickest of hair so smoothly. 

Who inspires you in the industry and why?

As far as inspirations within the industry go, the list could go on forever really but a few names have to sit at the top of that list.

TONY ROBERTS: This absolute gentleman accompanied me on stage at salon International in 2018... Tony had been behind the chair for longer than anyone I know and was still as passionate as ever in his own work as well as bringing through the next generation of barbers. A true inspiration.

VIKKI SMITH: Growing up and cutting in the north east, it was pretty impossible not to know who Vikki was. And the quality of barbers she continuously brought through the SB Barbering Academy. Education has always been and remains to be the end goal for me... I can't not look at Vikki as inspiration on my way there!

Other people that inspire me through sheer innovation and quality of work include Luka Chitty, Paul Mac, Cal Newsome, Jamie Copeland, Beth Bowers, Dom Akah-Amihere... and many more.

What is your favourite food?

This is by far the most difficult question to answer! But at the moment I feel like I've got to say home made halloumi burgers with a portobello mushroom bun! Little bit of sweet chilli sauce and the jobs a good'n!


Inspirational Quote

We can't always control what happens around us, we can however control our perspective of it. 




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