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My name is Nicolás Santos Chinea, but I’m better known like Niko Sakitoh. I'm 39 years old, I have 3 sons and I’m living in Tenerife, Canary Islands. I'm owner & founder of DISTRITOH 611 Barber Studio in the south of the island. I’ve been a Licensed Barber since 2016, but I have won the barbering respect through my work on social networks. I was Sub-Champion in the Hair-Tattoo Category at the Wahl Barber Battle 2017 in the more prestigious Spanish fair: Salon Look Ifema Madrid. Also, I'm Co-Director & Actor of the short film: THE LAST BARBER OF THE LOST CITY (Watch the video here).

My favourite scissors are the MATAKKI REAPER ⭐⭐⭐⭐ they make my day-to-day work much easier and comfortable.

What is your proudest achievement to date? - ¿Cuál es tu logro más orgulloso hasta la fecha?

Having been selected to be an ambassador for a brand of barbershop products such as Cavera Beetle despite having only one year as a qualified barber, and to be able to work for them at the prestigious SALON LOOK 2017 fair in Madrid last November. Haber sido seleccionado para ser embajador de una marca de productos para barbería como Cavera Beetle a pesar de llevar sólo un año como barbero titulado, y así poder trabajar para ellos en la prestigiosa feria SALON LOOK 2017 en Madrid el pasado mes de Noviembre.

Who inspires you in the industry and why? - ¿Quién le inspira en la industria y por qué?

I love Arod23 and Vishal Baharani: Arod to break molds in the barbershop and take this profession to the networks with viral videos of designs and spectacular cuts ... !! - Vishal for its handling with the scissors and the elegance with which it works, doing complicated things, in a simple way. - Arod por romper moldes en la barbería y llevar esta profesión a las redes con vídeos virales de diseños y cortes espectaculares...!! Vishal por su manejo con las tijeras y la elegancia con la que trabaja, haciendo cosas complicadas, de manera simple.

What is your favourite food? - ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?

I believe that every moment and every place gives me an opportunity to taste and taste incredible foods ... that's why my favorite food is the one I enjoy with the people I love and appreciate, I could not specify one in particular ... I like to eat a lot, especially in family, with my three children. - Creo que cada momento y cada lugar me brinda una oportunidad de probar y degustar comidas increíbles...por ello, mi comida favorita es aquella que disfruto con la gente a la que quiero y aprecio, no podría especificar una en gusta mucho comer, sobre todo en familia, con mis tres hijos.

Inspirational Quote - Danos una cita inspiradora:

"There is no secret to success, this is achieved by preparing, working hard and learning "No hay secreto para el éxito, éste se alcanza preparándose, trabajando duro y aprendiendo del fracaso. Confía en ti mismo e ignora a quienes no confían en ti...Voy a lograrlo, sí o sí...!!"


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