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I qualified as a barber 7 years ago, I started from the bottom and worked my way up to manager, then moved shop to another city and ran the shop there for 6 months. I then came back to my hometown and opened a shop but had to close it as in honesty, I bit off more than I could chew with the prices etc. I bounced from shop to shop for a while to find my feet again as it hit me hard, I felt like I had failed but then I realised it was a massive lesson not a failure. Now I’m the proud owner of The Loft and it’s going well. We have an outstanding team, and we are making the right moves as a family!

I feel I’ve achieved a lot in my career so far, but I believe opening the loft with a whole new outlook on business from the lessons learnt the first time round, is a great achievement. There is so much outstanding talent in the industry, my Top 4 are Josh OP, because his work is outstanding, and his styling is outrageous. Alan Beak, the bloke is a legend he interacts with everyone, and he is the best day today barber out there, the brand RUGER ran by him, and his brother is quality and I use it in my shop. Sam DB, Sam has been with me for just over 18 months and how far and fast he has grown is very impressive. He’s won awards already and he is hands down my drive to be a better barber and person, And lastly myself. To many of you this might sound cheesy or self-centred, but I’ve turned my life around and struggled to succeed so I am proud that I’m now a business owner, giving back to the community and the industry.

I first picked up a pair of MATAKKI Scissors 4/5 years ago and I have not switched brand since. The Arrows were my fist pair and I still have them now, I have other Matakki scissors, but my favourites are the Arrows, I also love the Ikon. Matakki’ s customer care is second to none, the love and passion they have for the industry is clear to see therefore I feel love for Matakki. The Matakki Tribe are like a family and that was always very clear to see from the outside for me. Becoming a Matakki ambassador is a huge achievement for me, I’ve been pushing for a place with them for just over 4 years because I believe they are hands down the best scissor company and I represent them based on that honest belief not what I stand to gain from the association. I have learnt that if you aim for the moon with your dreams, even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars!




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Deciding on new pair of scissors can be scary.

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