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Ambassador Javier Chacon Perez

/javier perez

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What is your proudest achievement to date? - ¿Cuál es tu logro más orgulloso hasta la fecha?

• My main achievement is to make known my work in all parts of the world, to be the first international barber sponsored by elegance usa, and at the moment ambassador of lakme Spain and collaborator of wahl.

Who inspires you in the industry and why? - ¿Quién le inspira en la industria y por qué?

• I do not have any particular inspiration I let myself be guided by my tastes to give personality to my work but at the same time I like to learn from everyone from recognized barbers to beginners who attend my training and adapt new techniques to my style.

What is your favourite food? - ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?

My favourite food is pasta.

Inspirational Quote - Danos una cita inspiradora:

"The only way to do a great job is to love what to do"


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