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My name is Dale Hince, I am the owner of Hince’s which is located in the heart of Shrewsbury Town centre. I promote myself by achieving the best possible results i can, when your client leaves the seat he/she is your real life walking advertising. Social media also plays a huge part in promoting yourself but i do believe that what happens in the shop is the heart beat to it all. I love cutting hair and visiting every hair show I possibly can, I also love networking with real people in the industry.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

My Proudest moment to date is the birth of my beautiful daughter no love like it in the world.

Who inspires you in the industry and why?

My inspiration changes dependant on how i change and progress. Currently Josh Lamonaca is someone who I’m watching very closely. Very inspired by barbers out in Ukraine i feel they are next level.

What attracted you to Matakki and what scissor model are you using?

I think what attracted me is what i feel the brand stands for and the key word for that is REAL. I have spoken to various different people at Matakki and always felt like they were very genuine and helpful people. I have been watching the brand grow over the years and i love how’s it has grown to a worldwide recognised brand. The team of barbers that work with Matakki also inspire me everyday and to work with like minded people is a goal of mine, i just like to work with a great team, build and grow together with having fun along the way.

I currently use the black Condor set (now discontinued) which i have been using now for 3 years, it's an awesome scissor that's still perfectly balance and so sharp. I also use the Hazuki 7.0" scissor and the Matakki Shark texture scissor, this is awesome! 

What makes you unique?

Unique is hard , but i feel what has helped me hugely is the 9 years of hairdressing behind my bartering career. I can colour cut & style out both mens / ladies hair confidently. My customer service skills i also feel are incredibly important, i treat the shop floor like a stage and i am very proud of the bond i have with my clientele.

Tell us about your awards or achievements

Britain’s Best Barber 2019 Winner.

WAHL British barber of the year finalist 2020.

Inspirational Quote

Keep motivated, remain focused, stay humble.





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