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Andy Oliver
Simply the BEST! I love the Assassins! Great for every cutting technique  
From: Guest | Date: 21/12/2015 18:49
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Kevin Fitzsimons
Named these scissors and love them great for quality cutting and great customer service also
From: Guest | Date: 29/01/2016 13:07
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Jessica hotnby
Simply the best scissors I have owned! Light weight, smooth action, sharp. These are a staple in my kit!
From: Guest | Date: 31/01/2016 09:12
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Simon Yates
My barbering seems to have gone up a level since I started using Matakkis. Love them.
From: Guest | Date: 27/04/2017 12:03
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Jessica Hornby
Great advice given from James on scissors. I bought the assassin, they really are the best! I not tempted to go elsewhere next time!
From: Guest | Date: 27/04/2017 12:06
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Daniel Randall
I bought the Matakki Assassin at a barbering show. I'd been using another brand for 15 years as a barber but my staff were raving about Matakki and I was pleased to see they offer an Elite range. Emma talked me through my options based on my day to day work needs and what Id used previously. I have to say she was spot on in her recommendation, I cannot fault these scissors from over comb to point cutting they are Awesome. Thanks guys I'll be back to buy again real soon
From: Guest | Date: 03/08/2018 11:31
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Johathan Kendrick from K Barber Emporium UK.
I have been doing hair for 15 years next month and have used wings and Joewells and matakki are massively better scissors. They are a nicer weight to work with they are smoother and easier when scissor over combing they are consistent and the weight is very balanced. My fav part is how chunky they are. But that's my opinion.
From: Guest | Date: 16/01/2019 17:17
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